Printmax is a designer
and a professional packaging
printing house

Printmax provides services to its customers for 20 years – it means over 20 years of experience and quality confirmed by certificates, 100 persons of stuff and a machine park on the highest technical level. We are specialised in printing of creative, dedicated packaging made of solid board, also metallised and hard PET, PCV and PP films.

Printmax has a wide experience in the production of high-quality packaging for the customers from FMCG, food, confectionery, alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceutical (OTC) and many other industries.


We help You to combine your project with the right design of the packaging, optimal material and a finishing technology, giving your product a maximum of aesthetics and functionality.

Print finishing is a way to give your packaging special appearance. Thanks to a range of techniques we can make a product more attractive and protect it better at the same time. Among many possibilities like varnishing, laminating or hot – stamping, that can be realised today by modern machines, we help our customers to choose the most effective and efficient.


UV / dispersion / hybrid varnish guarantee a result of deep and homogeneous coating. It allows to achieve a result of durability and makes possible to get the whole range of products: high – gloss, satin, matt and pearl effect. In our production, we use varnishes: UV gloss / matt, Irodin, hybrid, soft touch, dispersion and blister varnish.



A film performs a dual role, it protects printing and paper. It protects from mechanical damages or humidity and enhanced a lifetime of a packaging. On the other hand it distinguishes your product – packaging – very well. It also gives an effect of a silky smoothness, soft lightness or a sensation of smoothness to the product. We use inter alia matt, gloss and soft touch film.


Metallic, glossy, colourful elements are the extras, which makes packaging more attractive. This result is to achieve by using a hot-stamping. This print finishing technique is also called gilding or silvering. It allows to make little / delicate or big / massive elements. Thanks to hot-stamping the end product attracts with its stylish elegance. We offer hot – stamping with colourful foil on solid board and hard films.



Using the coldstamping method, printers can cold foil and overprint a full spectrum of colours inline on a broad range of substrates in a single pass and it can be combined with delicate embossing and effect or spot coatings or varnishes for maximum impact. Brand new MANROLAND in the Printmax >


Embossing is a very attractive technique of packaging print finishing. The end result is affected by embossing substrate end a precision of embossing element performance. This process is like gilding and allows to get very deep embossments on your substrate. We offer convex, concave, structural and 3D-embossing.


Braille writing system

Packaging with the Braille writing system. Embossing of signs


Windowing attracts packaging on a shelve by exposing of the best product features, like colour and shape, which is very useful in case of sweets, biscuits and cosmetics. It allows customers to know visual features of products without opening the box.



Folding and gluing of packaging is the last production stage. Untypical possibilities for packaging forming are making packaging processes easier by exclusion of additional, hand-made work.